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Drop off/Pick up

We treasure the time we spend with your children. Thank you for respecting the time donated by our dedicated nursery staff by close attention to this schedule:

Sunday Mornings:  Drop off time is 9:15 am and pick up is immediately after service.

Wednesday Evenings: Drop off time is 6:20pm and pick up time immediately after group.

We do understand that occasionally there are circumstances that will arise which will delay pickup. If you are delayed more than 15 minutes late in picking up your child he/she will be brought to you.

If someone other than a parent is picking up your child, your child will not leave with this person unless we have been notified prior. At any point if a worker has any concerns about releasing a child to a guardian/or person picking them up, please trust this will be addressed immediately.


Love is the focus behind our nursery. This does not mean we overlook behavior that would in any way hurt another child physically, mentally or emotionally.  If a ministry worker sees a behavior that is in any way concerning it will be addressed in one of these manners.

1.)   Child will be made aware of unacceptable behavior and be asked to sit  quietly in a chair for an appropriate amount of time (standard rule-1 minute per year of age)

2.)   Child will leave classroom with ministry leader to talk about behavior. Depending upon the behavior the parent of child will be notified to assist.

3.)   Child will be rejoined with parent in worship center and will be welcomed back to the nursery the following Sunday.


Diapering/Bathroom Procedures          

Children’s diapers will be changed by women only. There will always be two women present in every room, providing accountability. We will not allow men to change any diapers in the nursery unless it is their own child.

Sick Children

Children that currently have a fever over 100.5 or have had fever within last 24 hours must stay with their parents. If your child has been vomiting, had green mucus, or GI issues we also kindly ask to keep them away from the nursery until issues are resolved.


We will provide a snack of cereal/goldfish and filtered water. If your child cannot have that or is allergic please notify us at check in.

What must be inside your child’s diaper bag

- Diapers and wipes

- Prepared bottles/Sippy cups with water only (no juice please)

- Extra clothes

Nursery ministry

The Nursery staff has answered a calling to serve in this ministry. They all love your children and help maintain a safe and secure environment. All nursery staff members have submitted background checks. If at any time you have a question the safety of your child, please speak to me or any staff member.

Childcare provision outside of service times

Please contact Beth Wade for more information.